The analytical ultracentrifuge (AUC) is a high speed centrifuge with an optical system that allows the user to observe and record the sedimentation process as macromolecules sediment. The rate of movement and rate of spreading of the boundary contains information that can be used to characterize the molar mass and shape as well as the thermodynamic parameters that describe interactions between sedimenting macromolecules. Materials usually studied in the AUC comprise proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and synthetics polymers.

The optical systems available on the modern AUCs

  1. absorbance optics
    • visible
    • UV
  2. interference optics
  3. fluorescence optics

Rotors available

  1. Four hole (60,000 RPM)
  2. Eight hole (50,000 RPM

Cells and centerpieces available:

  1. Double sector 12 mm
  2. Double sector 3mm
  3. double sector synthetic boundary
  4. double sector band sedimentation
  5. double sector 6 channel equilibrium

Modes of operation

  1. Sedimentation velocity
  2. Sedimentation equilibrium